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Welcome on the new AT website

Welcome to the new Autolinee Toscane website.

Thanks to your suggestions, we have worked to make it easier to find lines and timetables, service updates, news specific to each province and all other content that helps makes travel more simple and dynamic.

The website available is both in Italian and English. You can easily select the language you prefer from the drop-down menu in the top right.



You can find the travel planner both on the home page and in the Lines and timetables section.

Here, you can plan your trip by entering an origin and a destination. If you have activated geolocation services, the system will automatically recognize your position. You can choose whether to leave immediately or select a specific date and time from the calendar.

By clicking on the chosen solution, the details of the journey will appear with times divided up for each internal route (including those on foot), any service updates on the lines involved and the difference in the amount of CO2 emitted by using public transport compared to a car.

Below the text description you will find an interactive map with the selected route and the closest shops.

We thought of this page as a navigation tool for over 900 lines across our network. If you are an expert user, just write the name or number of your line from the search bar, otherwise you can click on the province of interest and search for the service suitable for your trip.

Here you will find all the timetables available both in text and pdf format. Once you have chosen the line, you can interact with the drop-down menu of the stops: by selecting your stop and clicking on "Timetable at the stop" you can check the next passages of the buses that will pass from there - timetables are available in the Florence metropolitan area in real time.

In the same section, you can also consult a graphic of the route including all the stops and the lines that intersect it.

At the bottom of the page you can download the entire timetable in PDF format.

In this section you will find the entire catalog of our tickets and season tickets, the points of sale divided by province, the two guides for registration and purchase, as well as two new areas dedicated to promotions, collaborations and companies.

You can search for the most suitable ticket for you using the filter system at the top of the page: by  choosing the type (tickets, carnets, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual passes), the location and the type of profile registered on the e-shop, you will be offered the tickets - or passes - with details of the cost and the main conditions.

The two guides are useful tools for better understanding our sales system: you will find two tutorials on how to register an ordinary profile and that of a minor on our e-shop, and tables illustrating how and where to buy our travel tickets with important information to avoid incurring unpleasant fines.

The points of sale section is divided by province, using interactive map already visible on "Lines and timetables" so as to be able to better navigate the large quantity of sales points. You can decide whether to view all points of sale or select from official ticket offices, authorized resellers and vending machines.

By subscribing to MyAT you can monitor the status of your favorite lines, receive communications on the latest news and manage your personal information at any time.

Select the lines you use most often and for which you want to receive alerts. You will receive an email in case of interruptions or changes to the service; you can deactivate this option at any time.

By subscribing to the newsletter you will receive updates on new services, discounts and promotions.

Pay attention: the MyAT profile is not the same as the e-shop, however you can use the same credentials if it is more convenient for you.

We know how important and unique territories are, which is why we have designed this section to give the right value to each province.

Landing in your province, you will be able to read the news of the territories and directly access the dedicated service sections: lines and timetables, service updates and points of sale.

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