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Gallery – art on the bus

An art gallery in motion  

Gallery - the art on the bus explores, knows, supports and produces the work of artists, creatives, writers, poets, who have chosen to live in Tuscany. 



On board of our buses we have “pendini”, A4 posters that hang from the handrails and swing inside the bus.
The project Gallery - art on the bus transforms them into art spaces to host photographic, visual and textual works.  

Photographers, illustrators, poets, writers, graphics you will have a whole bus that for a month will host the "pendini” with your works; 1 bus = 10 "pendini". 

 The printing and installation costs for the"pendini” are covered by us.  

On one side we put your works; on the other the concept of the project, your contacts, links, qrcode to your web pages. 



Fill in the form in the required fields, upload the required documents, indicate the city where you would like to see your exhibition.  

Choose an artistic field between: 

  • words: poetry, visual poetry, aphorisms, stories (N.B. each hanging poster has space for stories of 300 characters spaces included)  

  • drawing: illustrations, art prints, digital graphics, collage  

  • photograph: individual shots and photographic projects of all types (portrait, landscape, street photography etc.etc.) 

We receive the project and, if we like it, we will tell you when we will exhibit your works (the month), the city and on which bus. We’ll tell you also the bus number and the first ride with your works on board so you can organize an "art opening in motion" of your exhibition. 


Declaration in lieu of affidavit 

 Rules of Gallery project

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