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About us

We have been managing local public road transport in the Tuscany Region since November 1, 2021.

We oversee the integration, monitoring and management of over 950 lines, distributed over 24,000 km of network and travelled by 2,600 buses which pick up passengers from a total of 37,000 stops during their journeys.

Our team is made up of over 5,000 employees who, with great professionalism and experience, enable passengers in Tuscany to safely reach their destination on a daily basis.

We work daily to improve the service and offer modern and efficient mobility. Our main goal is to create a new way to move and travel around Tuscany by bus.

Since November 3, 2022 we have become #at.

A new brand to speak to passengers, local territories and institutions that conveys the Company’s identity, puts a new focus on bus travel and creates a close emotional bond with the community of users.

The lines of the brand recall the public transport lines, the level curves that can be used to describe the local territory – which on a map are the elements that connect points having the same altitude – the roads that connect cities, villages, towns, production areas and landscapes that Tuscany offers between its diverse landscape of hills, mountains and the coast. All these elements, in their graphic interpretation, recreate the profile of the Tuscany Region. Tuscany thus becomes an arrow, a direction, a journey.  

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