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RATP Group

Autolinee Toscane is one of the subsidiaries of RATP Dev, a company of the RATP Group (Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens), the third largest transport operator in the world.

RATP Group figures worldwide

  • operates in 14 countries: Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, Algeria, Morocco, South Africa, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, China, the Philippines and the United States of America.

  • operates 8 modes of transport: metros, urban and suburban bus services, trams, railways, tourism services, cable cars, maritime services, transport on demand.

  • offers 5 new mobility services: electric scooters, car-sharing, car-pooling, driverless shuttle services, smart parking.

  • employs over 69 thousand employees

  • had a turnover of EUR 5.7 billion in 2019.

Logo RATP Group
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RATP Dev in Tuscany

Since 2002 RATP Dev has had a stake in LFI, the railway service connecting Arezzo with Stia and Sinalunga. In 2007 it acquired Florentiabus, which was immediately renamed Autolinee Toscane, to manage the local public transport service in Mugello, Valdisieve, Valdarno and as far as Florence. Also since 2007, it has held a stake in Li-nea, the Florentine public transport company for the surrounding areas. Since 2010 it has managed, through GEST, Florence's tramway service, which is constantly growing and is much appreciated by the city and users.

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