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A new urban network for Arezzo

From 12 September 2022 Arezzo has a new urban public transport network thanks to the work carried out together with the Municipality of Arezzo.

You can find all the relevant information at dedicated info points, stops, ticket offices and on the buses to help you get familiar with the new letters and colours.
A new public transport network to follow to the letter!

New terminals:

  • San Zeno for line I
  • Castelluccio for line P
  • Ospedale, with bus lane, for line B+
  • Via Salmi for line D
  • Staggiano for line E

In addition, there's a new stop at the Ipercoop and new stops in via Arno, via Alessi (for the return services of D and E), in via fratelli Lebole, in via Fratelli Lumiere (in both directions) in via Donatello, in viale Mecenate (in both directions) and in via Colombo (in both directions). Furthermore, to ensure the transit of line A+ in front of the hospital, the demolition of the via Nenni kerb is planned in order to create a dedicated bus lane that will run in the opposite direction to the current direction of travel.

Suburban service developments
In parallel with the entry into service of the new urban network of Arezzo, changes have also been made to the suburban network. 
In particular, the LS2 line (Badia al Pino-Viciomaggio-Pieve al Toppo-Arezzo/Guido Monaco) has been eliminated; at the same time, a new line, called the LS1N, has been launched serving Badia al Pino Stazione-via Roma-schools-cemetery-Viciomaggio (via dell'Olmo)-Battifolle La Cinguetta-Rotatoria crossroads of Ruscello-La Capannina-Fattoria Mugliano-Pieve al Toppo/banca-Tegoleto-Badia al Pino/Stazione and vice versa.

The total travel time is 30 minutes in both the winter and summer.
The new service enables local residents to get to the centre of Arezzo by changing to the urban F line or to the suburban LS5 line, or by using the train.

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