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Gallery – art on the bus

What if there were almost 100 moving art galleries in Tuscany, attended every day by hundreds of thousands of visitors?

This is the goal of the "Gallery - art on the bus" project, to give the opportunity to artists, creatives, writers, poets, who have chosen to live in Tuscany, to showcase their projects inside the bus for a month.

The works will be displayed in A4 format, affixed to the interior handrails. On the front will be housed the work and on the back the concept of the project, contact details and link to the author's web pages. Each artist who would like to participate should fill out the form on the dedicated page indicating the artistic field of interest, uploading the works he or she intends to exhibit and choosing the basin where he or she would like to be exhibited.

The "at" team will evaluate the works together with a network of consultants and cultural partners with whom it collaborates throughout the year; the selected artist will receive an indication of the exhibition period and city as well as the bus number. In addition, at will also notify each artist of the "first ride" that will be made by the bus hosting the works. In this way, each will be able to organize a "moving opening" of their exhibition.

"The bus travels through territories and communities and carries their stories, human events, and reflections," explains Tommaso Rosa, Marketing, Brand & Communication Manager of "at" and creator of the project. "The Gallery project offers a space to these stories, it makes them available to everyone. It also represents a showcase for those who want to show their art and perhaps cannot get access to all the classic channels."

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