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Diversion of line 5 to Livorno for weekly market.

On the occasion of the Friday Market and the simultaneous closure of Via dei Pensieri, every Friday line 5 is diverted as follows:

Towards via M. L. King: upon reaching the N. Sauro roundabout - via dei Pensieri, it continues on Viale N. Sauro towards Cemeteries, then proceeds on Via dell’Ardenza, Via Machiavelli, and finally the regular terminus.

Towards Stazione Marittima: upon reaching Via Machiavelli, it does not pass over the bridge but continues straight to the traffic light, then turns onto Via dell’Ardenza, at the Cemeteries turns left onto N. Sauro, straight to the Sauro - Pensieri roundabout, then back on N. Sauro towards Cemeteries and finally the regular route to Via Caduti del lavoro.

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