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Urban tickets (Capoluogo and Maggiore) can be purchased at automatic ticket machinesin retailers displaying the Autolinee Toscane logo, in Autolinee Toscane ticket offices, via the TABNET app and via SMS using the single number for all of Tuscany 488 01 05, writing the name of your town in the text (only with the Tim, Vodafone and Wind operators).

Suburban tickets can be purchased in retailers displaying the Autolinee Toscane logo, in Autolinee Toscane ticket offices and via the TABNET app

Click here to find ticket offices and retailers.

At the ticket machines along the tramway lines you can buy only tickets Urbano Capoluogo Firenze.

Single ticket or book of tickets when you use it for the first time, kept intact and legible for the entire duration of the trip and shown if requested.

Remember that in the case of a non-working validation machine, you must inform the driver and validate the ticket independently, writing the date and time of the ride for both urban and extra-urban routes.

The single travel document and paper carnet does not expire and can be used as long as it is legible and intact. It is not transferable.
For information on the validity of the endorsed ticket, consult our website in the "how to buy" section.

Attention, for the ticket purchased through the TABNET application, consult the dedicated question.

After the tickets have been purchased, the application puts them in the “Not active” area.
To travel, click on one of the tickets and then on "Activate ticket".

On some devices it is firstly necessary to activate the system settings, directly from the app.

An unstamped ticket is valid if it is intact and legible. Tickets purchased via the TABNET app are valid for 12 months.
For information on individual tickets visit "Tickets and passes" section.

SMS tickets are only valid for Urbano Capoluogo and Urbano Maggiore services.
Only on the Island of Elba is it possible to buy both urban and suburban SMS tickets.

You can find the list of all place names and payment methods at this link.

We are updating our onboard systems to extend this service to all of Tuscany. It is currently temporarily suspended due to the public health emergency.

The band number indicates the distance between the origin and the destination.

When you purchase a suburban season pass entering your origin and destination, the system automatically charges the corresponding fare.

Children taller than 100 cm must pay for the bus.


The €5 fee is a one-off payment that is valid for 11 years. It allows you to avoid having a card to renew and also to save on any issuance costs in the event of loss.

Your health card is only required in the event your ticket is checked as it provides the tax code with which the pass is associated.

Once uploaded, the documents will not have to be uploaded again, even if they have expired.

Please contact our customer service through the form you find on the "Talk to AT" page.
We will provide you with the instructions.

To register on our site you must upload a copy of an identity document (front, back) and your health card (front). Files must not exceed 2MB and must be in .jpg .png or .pdf format. Another possible source of problems when uploading documents could be, in the case of an iPhone, the use of the camera in "Live" mode to photograph documents.

Please, contact our customer service through the form in the Talk with AT page by providing the tax code and e-mail address used to register your profile. We will reset the password.

To purchase a pass for a minor, you must first register the profile of the parent or guardian.
Wait for the profile approval and than it will be possible to register the minor's profile.
If you need more help, you can look our new Registration guide.

Please, contact our customer care by the form at Talk with AT page by providing:

  • tax code of the adult
  • email address of the adult

You will be contacted by our customer service, who will confirm you the parting from the parent's profile

The following suburban passes include urban integration: 1, 3, 12 months and 12 months for students.
The suburban tickets of Band 1 and 2 in Siena, Grosseto, Prato and Massa Carrara are also valid for the respective urban networks.

Urban integration is NOT planned for:

  • the 10-month student extra-urban pass as indicated by the tariff regulations. Therefore, in case of need for urban travel, you will need to purchase an additional valid urban travel ticket (ticket or season ticket);
  • the city of Florence.


Send your query to, which will carry out the necessary checks and solve the problem.

Find out about the procedure at the University of Florence and ARDSU or on the University website in the "Student Card" section.

The pass has the same characteristics as an urban capital of Florence. To travel, just bring your tax code and student card with you to show when checked by a verifier.

It is necessary to identify their legal guardian, who must register at Once the profile of the legal guardian has been approved, they can add minors by going to the "Add Passenger" and "Add Minor" section. When the system asks them to specify their relationship with the minor, they must choose guardian and then upload the minor's documents. To add more than one minor, go back to the homepage and repeat the procedure. Alternatively, it is possible to purchase books of tickets in paper form or through the TABNET app.

If you made your purchase on the website, you can open a ticket using the form at the link: Following the opening of the ticket, you will be sent an "Invoice Request Form" which you must fill in and return in reply to the Customer Service email.

If you made your purchase at the ticket office you will have to request an invoice directly at the ticket office also following the sale.

To process invoice requests, we must receive the correct documentation by the end of the month in which the purchase was made. Furthermore, as a natural person the ticket receipt is sufficient for the purposes of the 730 tax declaration (the receipt valid for tax purposes can be downloaded from the online portal). As such, invoices will only be issued to those in possession of a VAT number.

From the 20th of each month, it is possible to purchase/renew your pass for the subsequent month

Concessions & ISEE

For the ISEE TPL facilitation, it is necessary to be resident in Tuscany and have an ISEE certificate relating to the equivalent income of the family unit up to € 36,151.98.

You can request your ISEE TPL coupon at this link:

There are concessions based on the ISEE profile and LR 100/98 for people with disabilities and the elderly.


The fine can be paid directly to the inspector or through LIS points following the instructions given in the report.

First of all, insert a request using our Form, writing in the subject "Duplicate of penalty notice request"
please, send us the name and surname of the sanctioned passenger (and/or the number of the notice) and the date of the violation.
Please notice that sending the request does NOT suspend the terms of the penalty.

You can appeal a fine within 30 days. In the case of a minor, the appeal must be presented by a parent or person exercising parental authority writing to:

Please follow the instructions written in the penalty notice: you can appeal a fine within 30 days. In the case of a minor, the appeal must be presented by a parent or person exercising parental authority writing to:

Please notice that an appeal does not stop the payment terms in reduced, minimum and full form.

The appeal follow an administrative path that is not managed by the customer service.
Please wait for a reply from the competent office.

No, the methods of payment are:

  • On board: immediate payment of fine to appointed staff.

  • At any LIS point


The hire service is a paid service that allows you to book our vehicles with driver, in Italy or abroad, having defined the requested period, duration and number of passengers.

Additional services supplement the Local Public Transport network and are available to groups at the price of a single ticket (return trip). Every request is evaluated individually according to requirements and availability.

For more details: Hire and additional services

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