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How to buy

Useful info

  • tickets must be validated/activated at the first trip

  • if you have a digital ticket, in case of requesto from the ticket inspector you have to show it from the device from which it was purchased 

  • the suburban ticket is printed on thermal paper, on the back you will find indicated how to store and validate it

  • in case of a non-functioning stamping machine, you must validate the ticket by yourself, writing the date and time of the ride for both urban and suburban routes, and at the same time informing the driver

  • if you want to buy a pass, first you need to register your profile on our e-shop portal
  • pass does not have to be validated
  • in case of verification, you will only need to show your health card or tax code. On rail routes you will have to show your purchase receipt (paper or digital)
  • from day 20 of each month you can purchase/renew your subscription for the following month
  • weekly subscription is valid for 7 days from Monday to Sunday. From Wednesday of each week it is no longer possible to purchase/renew your pass for the current week, but only the one for the following week

  • the ticket is personal and non-transferable; you must keep it intact and legible for the duration of the trip until you get off the vehicle and show it upon request by the ticket inspectors. In the case of digital tickets, make sure your cell phone has a charged battery


please visit, searching for "fast routes" tickets

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