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Covid Emergency

Rules of conduct for using local public transport services

In accordance with recent legislation aimed at reducing the spread and contagion of Covid-19, the wearing of an FFP2 mask remains compulsory for access to and use of local public transport services, but the quota capacity and the Green pass obligation no longer apply. From 15/5/22, front boarding will be reinstated on vehicles equipped with adequate separation of the driver's seat from the passengers; this procedure will gradually be extended to vehicles without such separation.

All Toscana buses are cleaned and sanitised before going into service. In each vehicle there are gel dispensers, notices, information, graphics with indications on the correct behaviour to follow, detailed below:

1. Do not use public transport if you have symptoms of acute respiratory infections (fever, cough, cold).

2. Purchase, if possible, tickets in electronic format from the website, via the TABNET app or by SMS service (urban tickets only);

3. Wear a mask for the entire duration of the journey, covering your nose and mouth.

4. Follow the signs and routes indicated inside stations, ticket offices or at stops, always keeping a safe distance from other people.

5. Use the vehicle access doors indicated for boarding and alighting, always keeping a safe distance between people.

6. Only occupy the permitted seats, keeping a safe distance from other occupants where required.

7. Avoid approaching or asking the driver for information.

8. During the journey, sanitise your hands frequently, avoiding touching your face.

We recommend using the IMMUNI app to control the spread of the virus.

Compliance with the rules of conduct is left to the individual sense of responsibility of each traveller. Failure to comply with the rules may result in the interruption of the service.

In no case is the driver responsible for passenger behaviour that does not comply with the indicated rules.

We trust in the full cooperation of all passengers.

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